Elna 434

Elna 434

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Fast-changing fashions, elastic, fluid fabrics... the Elna 434 can't wait to go with the flow ! Lycra, jersey, knits, stretch, wool - today's figure-hugging fabrics are a breeze for this consummate fashionista !


Spectacular results have never been so easy, thanks to a helpmate that bows to your every wish, never shirks a challenge, and even offers a full range of professional quality accessories. Master the stitches behind the latest looks, stretch your talents to the max - the Elna 434 turns your every creation into a catwalk sensation !

•7 stitch programs
•Cover hem (3 mm or 6 mm)
•Chain stitch (3 needle positions)
•Free arm
•4-spool holders
•Maximum speed of 1000 stitches / minute
•Variable stitch length (1- 4 mm)
•Differential feed (0.5 - 2.25)
•Maximum stitch width - 6 mm
•Adjustable tension dials (0 - 9)
•Automatic tension release
•Looper disengages for easy threading
•Color-coded threading routes
•Adjustable pressure foot
•Snap-on presser feet
•Built-in retractable handle
•Electronic foot control
•Telescopic thread antenna system
•Built-in thread cutter
•Dust cover
•Accessory box to store standard accessories : 1 needle set EL, 2 screwdrivers (medium and small), tweezers, needle threader, 4 spool holders, 4 spool nets, 4 large spool caps, lint brush, 2 screws for optional attachments.
•Needle Set ELX705
•Adjustable Seam Guide
•Elastic Gathering Attachment ‘Narrow'
•Elastic Gathering Attachment ‘Wide'
•Clear View Cover Stitch Foot
•Center Guide Foot
•Hem Guide
•Tape Binder (8 - 32 mm)
•Tape Binder (12- 42 mm)
•Extension Table with 295 x 205mm sewing area

Dust cover

Calm and collected
Free and easy