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Materials :

  • 1 metre of jute or hessian fabric
  • 50cm of red felt
  • 50cm of green felt
  • 3.5 metres of green satin ribbon
  • 1.5 metres of red satin ribbon
  • 80cm length of wooden dowel, or a small branch of the same length
  • 2.7 metres of green bias binding
  • White self-adhesive numbers, about 20mm high (readily available from good stationers)
  • Serrated scissors




  1. Take the piece of jute or hessian and cut out a rectangle 1m long x 63cm wide.
  2. Sew the bias binding around both long sides and one short side of the rectangle to create an attractive border (the top of the rectangle does not need a border, as it will be finished with a hem later on).
  3. Take the felt and, using the serrated scissors, cut out a quantity of small boot shapes:
    1. 4 x pattern A (2 x green, 2 x red)
    2. 10 x pattern B (4 x green, 6 x red)
    3. 6 x pattern C (4 x green, 2 x red)
    4. 4 x pattern D (2 x green, 2 x red)
  4. Use pins to roughly attach the felt boots to the rectangle in a pleasing arrangement. Sew around the contours of each boot, leaving the top open to permit the insertion of a small gift.
  5. When all the boots have been sewn down, pass an iron over your work. To finish the top of the calendar, measure 92cm from the bottom of the rectangle, and mark with pencil. This should leave 8cm at the top of the rectangle for your hem. From the top of the fabric, fold over 4cm, then fold over again to reach your pencil line. Iron your folds down flat. 
  6. Cut 5 strips of green ribbon 70cm long. Fold each in half.
  7. Position the 5 strips at equal distances across the full width of the calendar, pinning the fold of each ribbon to the lower ironed crease of the hem. Begin at each vertical edge and finish in the centre, to ensure an even spacing.
  8. Fold the hem back into place (following the creases made by the iron) and sew the lower seam 2mm from the edge.
  9. Fold all the ribbons back, towards the top of the calendar, and sew down the top of the hem, 2mm from the edge, to fix the ribbons in place.
  10. Attach the dowel or small branch using the ribbons tied into bows.
  11. Use the red ribbon to hang your calendar: Tie a double bow at each end of the dowel or branch, and use the loops of the bow to suspend the calendar.
  12. Last of all, stick a number onto each little boot, as shown in the illustration . . . and of course don't forget to fill your calendar with enticing little gifts and sweets!