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Anita's Make It Simpler Monkey Wrench

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I'm Elna Boutique Designer Anita Grossman Solomon. I'm known for coming up with innovative ways to construct quilt blocks. I'm pleased to present my newest method, the Make It Simpler®  Monkey Wrench Block.


It will be faster for you to sew one of these blocks than for me to explain its shortcuts as, seeing is believing. Just secure the pattern on the fabric, shorten the stitch length and sew through the lines. The units are cut after they've been sewn. There's no need to measure them before or after sewing.


I construct this block faster than most sewers, not because I am super speedy, but because of my sewing machine. I simultaneously cut both the top and bobbin threads with the needle in the 'down' position. My trick? The eXcellence 760 thread cutter. In fact, I can cut both threads without lifting my finger by using the optional remote thread cutter beside the foot pedal. To me, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.


You'll need one copy of the Directions plus one Pattern print-out per block. Please share your work on Instagram with the hashtag #AnitasMonkeyWrench. For tips, techniques and updates, please visit this page.  


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