Digitizer EX V 4.0

The new software Elna Digitizer EX 4.0 is now available.


With this new version of the Elna embroidery software you'll discover amazing features which allow you to take your creations even further. Combine unique and sophisticated embroidery texture together with special attributes for the most creative results.


Like before with the software Elna Digitizer EX you'll be able to create embroideries based on scanned designs, clips art or pictures.


Discover the main features of the new Elna Digitizer EX V 4.0.



Combine LETTERING with outlines offset tool.

Already available with the software Elna Digitzer EX, the new version offers a wider choice of styles and alphabets. You can also change the color of the thread for each letter and so add a real personal touch to any of your creative works.

A brand new feature is the "Outline Offset Tool". In one click you can set a new outline around a selected shape.


Create waves and 3-D effect for lettering or embroidery. Each outline can be customized.


 elna title






Cut out embroidery openworks and remove overlaps

In order to reduce embroidery overlaps you'll need to cut out the layers of filling. Easy as pie with the function "Remove Overlaps":  in one click you can delete the underlying layers also out of the border frame.







Create outlines and borders automatically

Based on a scanned or uploaded image create instantaneously a border with the function "click-to-design".

The diversity of embroidery and colors will enable you to customize any drawing.

From your design extract the border and use is as a quilt motive or as an appliqué, it's also a possible command. Easy





Original design

fleur remplies




Quit or Appliqué motive



fleures non remplies






Three dimensional patterns and special effects


To gives a 3D effect to your embroidery use the function "Radial".

For example you can drag the centre point of a circle and transform it into a conical shape Amazing.


To render a motion effect (waving hair, swaying dress or the wings' flutter of a butterfly) simply use the "Florentine" function.


This embroidery has been created based on a jpeg image. The design has been modified with all the above mentioned functions.


jeune fille






Stippling stitch for quilting effect


The favourite Quilters' patterns can be applied on every embroidery shape and multiply as if by magic with the function "Stippling".

Play with stitches' length to modify the density and the volume, change the color of the threads for 3D effects. Stippling stitch in one click.



This samples has been created with 4 different stitches length, then framed with deco stitch.

Carré rempli







Embroidery XXL and multiple hoops


If you want to create a big size embroidery or multiply your creations, it's possible with Digitizer! It will automatically break up oversized designs. To visualize the quantity of hooping each frame has a different color (up to 8 hoops).








The new version of Elna Digitizer EX v 4.0 includes all the functions already available with the Elna Digitizer EX


Create your very own design originals!

Create your own embroidery motifs from scratch, using standard manual tools. Importing your design is easy using the special Digitizer EX functions designed to optimize scanned images or photos. And even if the quality of the original image isn't great, Digitizer EX allows you to correct lines and enhance image quality to be sure of obtaining the best possible result.


Automatic digitizing options

Elna's Digitizer EX software offers a range of options for automatic, semi-automatic and manual digitizing of images. Whichever you choose, you can modify your embroidery at any time, as well as changing the design parameters set by your computer.



             Image Jpeg                                    Embroidery




Digitize photos using Photo Click

The Photo Click tool allows you to easily create an embroidery design directly from a photo. Simply scan or upload the desired image directly into Digitizer EX, for truly stunning results!


                 Original Photo                                                    Embroidery



Fantastic textures

Digitizer EX makes it easy to add beautiful embossed effects to your embroidery. Select from a huge range of patterns - 130 in total. You can also enhance your embroideries with a range of stunning, ready-to-use motifs, decorative borders and complex textures.  






Embroidered lettering

Create professional quality lettering quickly and easily. Digitizer EX offers a broad range of scalable, modifiable alphabet styles. Determining the orientation, shape and spacing between letters couldn't be easier, and the software comes with a choice of 50 different font styles. 







Or, alternatively



TrueTypeTM fonts with different fills

Take full advantage of the TrueTypeTM fonts installed on your computer - choose from satin fill or weave fill, and apply different formatting to your lettering quickly and easily, exactly as you do on a word processor. 







Appliqués are very popular for small designs. Now, creating embossed embroidery designs by stitching one piece of fabric to another is child's play, thanks to the Appliqué digitizing method. Depending on the settings you choose, the Digitizer EX allows you to generate up to four separate embroidery layers - placement lines, cutting lines, tackdown and cover stitching - for each appliqué object.It will even reproduce the actual texture of your fabric and the partial applique funtion helps you eliminate unnecessary overlaps.





Rotate, skew, flip and copy

Every design can be precisely rotated for perfect positioning, and stitching can be emphasized for added impact. Copy a motif and flip it for a mirror effect, or copy/paste to create a continuous motif run.







Design gallery

Digitizer EX comes with its own huge range of embroidery designs. All are readily accessible and easy to integrate into your projects as standalone motifs, or in combinations.

Designs are stored in a centralized library on your hard drive, to which you can add your own personal motifs. Digitizer EX supports all major embroidery file types. 






Vast choice of colours

Give your projects a natural look with a wide choice of realistic colours and tones; use shadow effects and mixed colour combinations to achieve even more naturalistic flowers and animals. Create your own personalized colours, then add them to the colour selection table for even more variety.






Personalize your Digitizer EX

Digitizer EX allows you to set the color inside the hoop to match the fabric you intend to stitch out on. You can also set a background color outside the hoop by way of contrast. Alternatively, you can add background fabrics based on samples packaged with the software. 



And there's more:


Whether you like to work in English, French, Italian or Spanish, you can change the language of your software to suit your preference. The full Elna Digitizer EX software package, as well as its illustrated, easy-to-follow User Manual, is available in all four languages.


Digitizer EX is a multi-format package that allows you to open, modify and save all your embroideries in today's most popular file formats. Simply choose the format that corresponds to your machine with a quick click of the mouse.


Depending on the model of embroidery machine you use, Digitizer EX also supports direct connection of your machine to your PC, for fast and easy data exchange and storage of information directly in your machine's memory.

Even if your model doesn't allow for direct connection, you can easily add new embroidery designs to your library using a USB key or ATA card..


Like to know more about Elna's powerful Digitizer EX software? Simply contact your nearest Elna reseller.

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